Benefits of Renting Sweden Commercial Property

Have you been wondering where you can invest following the credit restrictions put into the real estate investment world? Many real estate investors have been. One place that is maintaining a strong environment for investing is Sweden. Do a search for “hitta ledig kontor” to see what pops up in the search results.

A recent trend towards global urbanization is making Sweden look more attractive especially with the low-prime yields. There are lower transaction costs associated with buying and selling and businesses are easy to start and maintain. Following Brexit, many foreign investors found Sweden, especially the areas of Stockholm and Gothenburg, ideal because of the added transparency which is part of each commercial real estate deal

Banks in Sweden are also active and many are international institutions, making it easier to invest from abroad. If you are a limited liability company, you can invest in commercial real estate. Partnerships, limited partnerships, and foreign enterprises can also purchase and sell commercial property. If you like, you can also form a Swedish company and hold assets.

These feature tax benefits that are not had with the other legal entities. As for leasing, you do not have to worry about any restrictions as a foreign corporation wishing to rent. There are no current capitalization rules in Sweden so there is no limit on what you can profit. There are proposals in the works that might change this but it has not happened yet.

Ownership is available for the land and the buildings on it. Bank loans are the main source of capital for investors. The land code in Sweden defines the differences in real property. It is easy to familiarize yourself with these different terms. Fixtures are often referred to as accessories. These include elevators, radiators and things of this nature.

When a commercial property is purchased, title is registered with the Land Register’s public office. This must be obtained within three months of the purchase. If you are looking to confirm the owner of a particular property, this information can be found with the Land Register.

There are different service providers that offer access to electronic records. Be aware that in Sweden electronic conveyancing is not currently available. Registration of title can be done electronically through the Land Registration Authority. This information can be accessed by banks and real estate companies.

Information includes the location and size of the property. The leaseholder or registered owner names are also included along with tax assessed values of the property. Documents also indicate the most recent sales or transfers along with the purchase price and the date of sales. These records are made available to the public. Documents that are not made available to the public include the terms of any agreement.

If sellers wish, they can exclude various details by filing a short form that will keep some details confidential. The titleholder can remain anonymous if that person or entity has a protected name or address with the Land Registry.

There are many benefits to renting or buying commercial property in Sweden. These include personal benefits as well as financial ones.